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The UK’s most talked about non invasive Fat Busting Treatment has arrived at Ardrahan Laser Lipo Clinic. 

It’s a revolutionary painless and risk free treatment for men and women!!

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female-stomachStrawberry Laser Lipo is a medically approved inch-loss treatment.

Medical 3B lasers are applied to the area of stubborn unwanted fat.

The treatment is excellent for targeting fatty areas and gets results that can’t be achieved by diet & exercise alone.

It is safe, painless & highly effective and involves no needles or surgery.

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See what our Clients have to say

Tried this and Just loved it.

Michelle O Dwyer – Jan 2018

I had difficulty losing stubborn belly fat. I tried 3 sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo and my shirts now definitely fit better. I still have a bit to go but, this treatment has given me a great start and has also motivated me to also watch my diet a little better also.

Anthony Molloy – Jan 2018

I had 3 sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo and I am already amazed by the difference that just 3 sessions have made. I am going to continue on to do another 3 treatments and I have no doubt I will be just as pleased with the next 3.

Paula (Kinvara) – Jan 2018

I had 6 sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo on my stomach. I thought the treatment was excellent and was far superior to anything I have tried in the past.

Susan (Gort) – September 2017

I had this treatment for my upper and lower abdominals. It worked well and I am very pleased with the results.

Brendan O Reilly (Ennis) – October 2017

I found the strawberry laser lipo treatment very effective. I lost nearly 3 inches of fat from two measurements. I will be back to get treatments done on my arms.

Maria (Gort) – June 2017

I have just had 3 treatments of Strawberry Laser Lipo. I am very happy with the results. I lost more than I thought I would. I definitely would recommend to anybody struggling with stubborn belly fat.

Amanda O Gorman – June 2017

I am getting married in June, I saw the Ad for Ardrahan Laser Lipo and I said I would give it a try. Absolutely delighted that I did, It is completely different to any Inch loss treatments that I have spent a fortune on before. I shall be back before the big day arrives to work on another area.

Anna Mc Mahon – April 2017

I found this treatment excellent to get rid of the excess inches after the christmas holidays. Would definitely do this again if the need arises.

Janice Kelly – Jan 2017

A friend of mine had Strawberry Laser lipo at Ardrahan Laser Lipo and found the treatment great. I am always complaining of my post baby buldge and my friend suggested that I should try it. I rang and made an appointment. Karen the therapist was fantastic and she explained very professionally how it works and what to realistically expect from treatments. I am thrilled and totally amazed at the difference it has made, and my only regret is that I did not do it earlier.

Martha (Galway City)



Brilliant Treatment. I had 3 sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo for my unsightly Baby bulge and I saw a real difference a few days after my 2nd treatment. I am continuing on to do 3 more as I am so pleased with the first 3 sessions.

Deirdre Leahy – March 2017


Initially I booked 3 sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo for fat reduction from my thighs. I went on to do 3 more as I really found it very effective. My jeans now feel a good lot looser than they did before I started this treatment.

Helen Fitzpatrick – Feb 2017

I had 3 treatments of strawberry laser lipo I was very pleased with the results I lost just under 3 inches from the upper and lower abdominal measurements.

Patricia (Loughrea) – Feb 2017


I was very impressed with this treatment. I was always fairly healthy with my diet and fairly good with exercise but I just could not lose the inches from my stomach. I originally had a few treatments in Limerick and then I found this gem of a clinic in Ardrahan that offered the same treatment for a fraction of the price.

Padraig Peterson – October 2016


I have had 3 treatments of Strawberry Laser Lipo, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have lost 2.5 inches off both my upper and lower abdominals. The treatment is completely pain-free. I have a few events to go to and I am so delighted that I had this treatment done.

Mary (Ballinasloe) – December 2017


Zap the fat….sounds too good to be true? Well the tape measure doesn’t lie… 

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