Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does a Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment work?

We use medical grade low-level laser technology to painlessly open the pores on the fat cells. A belt with the laser paddles will be placed on the area to be treated. Once the fat cells are opened the fat is released through the open pores and passes via the lymphatic system through the kidneys and then passed out of the body in your urine.

Q2. How long does each treatment take?

There is 20 minutes of laser time allocated for each appointment but allow approximately 30 minutes In total for each appointment.

Q3. Where are you located and what are your business hours?

We are located in the heart of Ardrahan village and are very easy to find, as we are approximately 150 metres from the Ardrahan Gaa club. Ardrahan Is located on the N18 (Limerick road). We are located just 15 minutes from Oranmore, and approximately 10 minutes from Gort. From the Galway side once you enter Ardrahan village take a left immediately after the traffic lights, pass both Tarpey`s pub and the Ardrahan gaa club. Then approximately 150 metres after the gaa club you will see a small housing estate (only 5 houses) we are located in the bottom right hand corner and our address is 5 Druid`s court Ardrahan. Ardrahan is located on the main bus route from Galway city and a bus leaves Galway city at five minutes past the hour every hour in our clinic opening times and returns to Galway city at 20 minutes to the hour every hour in our clinic opening times. We are open from 10am to 8.30pm Monday to Friday.

Q4. Will treatment hurt?

Absolutely not, all you will feel is warm relaxing heat as the laser`s work their magic…..

Q5. I have very stubborn exercise and diet resistant abdominal fat, will Strawberry Laser Lipo work for me?

Yes absolutely. This is where Strawberry Laser Lipo comes into its own as the medical grade lasers will open up the pores on all fat cells and empty them out, which is very unique to the Strawberry laser lipo system.

Q6. Is everybody suitable to have a Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment?

No. Although Strawberry laser lipo is medically approved and is FDA approved and ISO accredited there are certain conditions that would make a person unsuitable for treatment and these are. 1) Pregnancy or think you might be. 2) Epilepsy. 3) Insulin dependent diabetes. 4) Have ever had a cancer diagnosis. 5) Have ever had heart stent surgery or have ever had a pacemaker fitted.

Q7. Is Strawberry Laser Lipo suitable for both male and female clients?

Yes. Treatment is suitable for both male and female clients providing you are 18 years of age and are medically suitable for treatment.

Q8. What form does the treatment take?

On your first visit you will be asked to fill in a short medical questionnaire. Then measurements will be taken around the area that you want to have the inch loss treatment on. Then you will be asked to lie on a therapy couch (fully clothed) you will be asked to loosen the clothing only around the area that you want treated. The laser time for each appointment is 20 mins.

Q9. Why can I not lose fat from my stomach no matter how much I mind what I eat or how much I exercise?

Sometimes abdominal fat can be affected by hormonal factors such as menstrual problems, post pregnancy or menopausal factors and it makes it difficult to lose from that area because hormonal changes tend to hold on to abdominal fat. Also sometimes if our insulin levels are elevated even slightly because of our sugar intake or other dietary factors then insulin will hold onto fat and in particular around the abdomen area. However Strawberry Laser Lipo will open the pores on any fat cell despite its location and how stubborn the fat seems to be.

Q10. I am menopausal and going through the change of life, and I have put on a lot of inches around my waist will this treatment help me lose the inches I have put on?

Yes. This treatment will work on all inch gain no matter what stage of life.

Q11. My abdominal fat seems disproportionate to other areas in my body is this normal?

Yes. The abdominal area has four times more fat receptors for the fat to attach than any other area in the body so this problem mentioned is very common.

Q12. Strawberry Laser Lipo is unique from other inch loss treatments such as inch loss contour wraps why is this?

Strawberry Laser Lipo is completely different from many inch loss treatments as Stawberry laser lipo actually empties out the fat cell. Some other inch loss treatments squeeze the fat cells and this stays squeezed for a few days but will return to its original size a few days later regardless. Strawberry laser lip empties out the triglycerides glycerides and glycerol from the fat cell. This makes it a very unique inch loss treatment and completely different to inch loss contour wraps.

Q13. I am getting married in a few months when would you advise me to start my strawberry laser lipo treatments?

Firstly it depends on how many inches you want to lose and from what area you want the inch loss from. If for example you chose to treat your stomach typically after 3 sessions you could expect to lose approximately 2 inches off your upper, middle and lower abdominals. If you think you may need more than 3 treatments or decide at some stage that you want to treat another area it is advisable to come in about a month before the wedding. Also it is advisable to allow this amount of time as brides and grooms to be can be very busy in the run up to a wedding.

Q14. My friend is interested in an appointment can we both come at the same time?

Yes. Your friend can wait with you while you have your treatment and they can be treated as soon as you have finished your treatment.

Q15. How can I best maintain my results after my inch loss treatments?

If you stick to a sensible eating and exercise plan your results will be maintained.

Q16. Why do you recommend that a person has 3 treatments and not just one treatment?

As with every good treatment it takes a little while to work, but in saying that the results are pretty impressive with Strawberry Laser Lipo as people normally see a visible difference a couple of days after the 2nd treatment.

Q17. I haven’t a lot of fat but I have a muffin top and the fat just hangs over my jeans would I benefit from this treatment?

Yes. Absolutely this is a very common problem and responds well to treatment.

Q18. I have stubborn fat on my hips (Love handles) will it work here?


Q19. I have had a few pregnancies and I have loose skin around my tummy will this treatment help me?

Certainly this is a very common problem and accounts for a lot of our treatments carried out here.

Q20. I have had a few c sections am I suitable for treatment?

Yes you are so long as it is 6 weeks or longer since your baby was born.

Q21. I see you offer 3 sessions for 99 Euros how do I space those appointments?

The best spacing of the appointments is to have 2 appointments in the first week and the 3rd appointment the following week

Q22. Are there any side effects after a treatment of strawberry Laser Lipo?

Generally no. Some people may report of going to the toilet a little bit more and some people may feel heat or a warming sensation for a few hours after the treatment.

Q23. Can I have a treatment if I have a contraceptive coil fitted?

Yes. The laser does not penetrate deeper than 13mm.

Q24. Can I have more than one area treated?

Yes absolutely but as it will require double the appointment time it will be seen as another appointment and incur the charge for the same. Also it is advised do increase the exercise time on the day of treatment.

Q25. What areas can be treated by Strawberry Laser Lipo?

The area’s treatable by strawberry Laser Lipo are Stomach, Hips Thighs, Arms Bum and chest (men only for chest). If you do decide to have 2 area’s treated at once please refer to question 24.

Q26. Why is 20 minutes of exercise recommended on the same day of treatment?

Exercise is recommended to help speed up the removal of fat through the lymphatic system. Once a treatment is over the fat is drained into the nearest lymphatic nodes to the area being treated. You will get BETTER RESULTS if you do any form of exercise on the day of treatment. Cardio vascular is recommended such as a quick paced 20 minute walk, a 20 minute run. Any form of exercise is great and if you can work up a sweat then the results will be even better.

Q27. Do I have to exercise straight away after the treatment?

No it does not have to be straight away after the treatment So long as you exercise on the same day as the treatment.

Q28. How many treatments do you recommend?

It all depends on what results you want to achieve. At Ardrahan laser lipo we find that most people see results a couple of days after the 2nd treatment. We run an excellent offer of 99 euro’s for 3 sessions. A full course of treatments would consist of 8 sessions. However we always advise people to go for 3 sessions at first and see after that if they want to have more treatments.

Q29. If I decide to go on with further treatments how are they best spaced?

The best spacing of treatment depends on how many treatments you are planning to have if you want 4 treatments it will be twice a week for 2 weeks, if you decide on 6 treatments it will be twice a week for 3 weeks and if you decide on 8 treatments it will be twice a week for 4 weeks.

Q30. Do I have to rest after the treatment?

No quite the opposite the more you can do exercise wise the better the results.

Q31. Do you accept cheque or debit or credit card payments?

We accept cheques, bank drafts or cash payments. Unfortunately I do not have a facility for credit or debit card payments.

Q32. Is it possible that some people will get better results than others?

Although this is an excellent inch loss treatment, if it is not combined with a sensible eating plan and you do not do the recommended 20 minutes of exercise on the same day as the treatment you will not attain the best possible results.

Q33. How do I book an appointment?

Please ring Karen King on 087 7541604 to arrange an appointment. Also please ring if there is anything else you want to ask that is not covered in FAQs Thanks.

087 7541604

Ardrahan Laser Lipo Clinic is located in Ardrahan Village, just off the N18 beside the GAA pitch. Convenient to bus route, buses leave Galway City every hour.

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